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Heuchera 'Wild Rose''
9cm and plug

When your mail order plants arrive – unpack and water if necessary, leaving them to settle for a couple of days. We recommend 9cm pots are potted up before planting outside. We do not recommend planting if the weather is frosty.

Planting in the garden – Heucheras are happy in most soils, provided that they have good drainage. They do well from mulch to keep the soil structure open. When planting, avoid other plants hanging over them, as they do like lots of air around them.

Hardiness – Heucheras are hardy, they do not require fleece to keep them warm and alive.

Growing in pots – Plants with smaller leaves are suitable for smaller pots, containers, window boxes or even a hanging basket. The larger leaved plants are better in larger containers. If going away in the summer, move the pot to a shaded area, it will reduce the need for water.

Feeding – They are not heavy feeders and need little fertiliser to grow well. The combination of mulching and some fish, blood and bone in spring, will provide them ith all the nutrients they need. Avoid nitrogen rich fertilisers as this will encourage fleshy foliage which is prone to rotting.

Pruning – Most Heucheras produce flowers in late spring/early summer. To help prolong the flowering period and to stop them from getting leggy, snip off the flower stems just below the foliage level when the flowers die. In spring clean your plants by removing dead or damaged foliage.

Dividing and encouraging flowering – After 3 or 4 years they may probably start to look bedraggled and the foliage won’t be so proud and upright. This is time to divide it and grow as many new plants as you need. Late May to early July is a good time to do this.

Heuchera Rust – Heuchera Rust can be identified by small rust coloured raised areas on the underside of leaves. To prevent rust remove any leaves in bad condition or ones that are old, clear-up decaying matter around the plants and don’t crowd them with other plants.

If you do find rust on your plants and it is minor we would suggest removing all infected leaves and spraying with a fungicide.

Vine Weevil – Heuchera foliage is not often attacked, this could be because the leaves are hairy. However, they will attack the roots. You will know as the plants will wilt as though they need water. Heucheras are pretty tough and once cleaned of these bugs and re-potted they should continue to strive.